Richard Jaubert
Account Manager

Richard Jaubert is a performance-driven business professional who brings more than 25 years’ experience to Strata. He is adept at streamlining operations and developing solutions for both individual and corporate Strata clients.

Richard is recognized for his ability to incorporate innovative management techniques that result in enhanced business practices, increased productivity and higher profits. An MBA, Richard works hand-in-hand with each client’s team of legal, financial, real estate and risk management professionals to ensure coordinated execution of business interests.

Prior to joining Strata, Richard was the Owner and Chief Operating Officer of New Phone Wireless from 1998 to 2017. In addition to providing a strategic direction for the company, Richard devised methods to improve business performance in all areas, including sales, marketing, distribution, HR, IT and accounting. He also hired, trained and developed personnel. In addition to his work with Strata, Richard is currently the Managing Director of Escrow Fidelity, which specializes in affordable, customized escrow services, including full principal, interest and tax reporting.

Richard received his Master of Business Administration from University of New Orleans and his Bachelor of Science in accounting from Louisiana State University.  He lives in New Orleans with his wife, Susan Baus. They have two grown sons, Rene and Louis. Richard enjoys fishing, gardening, biking and fitness.